The Long Nineteenth Century

From the enragées to the dreyfusardes.

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I’m like 95% sure that Christian Harry Potter fanfic going around is an incredible bit of trolling. There are just a lot of little hints—it hits a few too many different buttons (evolution, “career women”) for me not to think this is someone making fun of a certain kind of person, rather than what that person would actually say.

Can’t be 100% sure, of course. Poe’s Law is exceptionally strong with this one.

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I was telling somebody about the Bloody Code the other day and they were like “Well, Britain is a small island…”

and I was like “Yeah, so when they found Australia they were like ‘well, now that we have somewhere to put all you blighters we can stop hanging you’”

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Look Down improv

My roommate and I had a three-hour jam session on his midi controller last night, and this happened.

Although it’s soft, I STRONGLY advise you not to turn your sound up, especially if you’re wearing headphones, as I tend to giggle at random moments and that’s much louder than the music.

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